The Attack of the Mountain

CDr 𐤟 41'06"

Surrounded by the rich forests on the mountains of Vosges, someone is on a quest to attune his senses to what is around him. Exploring the depths of solitude and how to relate to the world-in-itself, these field recordings open a gate to the murmurings of nature. Resulting in an intimate conversation in which the Vosges whisper in his ears and the recorder listens with full attention. “The Attack of the Mountain” is as gently caressing layers of sound between the earth carrying the Vosges and the clouds above it.


The Attack of the Mountain


‘It’s nothing, wringing a neck, wringing ten of them, pulling a whining spinster up from the floor along with the seat she’s in, doing it so suddenly that she cracks her skull against a piece of furniture as the armchair loses a leg. For this, the slightest bit of anger suffices, provided it’s real, but to grab a mountain before you in the Alps, to dare to grab it with force and shake it, even just for an instant, that grandiose nuisance that’s been facing you for a month. Now that’s something that offers the true measure — or immeasure, rather — of a man.’

— Henri Michaux, The Attack of the Mountain