2 new releases !

2 new releases !

«The Countryside Sleeps, the City is Dead»

tape 𐤟 32′00′′/31′53′′ 𐤟 limited to 50 pcs 𐤟 €10

I am quietly standing. Listening carefully, I can hear the faint electric current flowing under my feet. I lay down covering part of its exterior, longing to hear the strength of its current. An overwhelming strong drone forces me tighter against its surface. All I can, is listen while the fierce embrace of the drone gets weaker and weaker to finally disappear. Now, I quietly stand up again. There is nothing left to hear but the breath of the trees far in the distance. Now that you have left the corpse behind, you can search for a beating heart.

Two minimal pieces, made on analog synthesizers. It had a small pre-release in Japan this weekend. Curious? You can listen some excerpts here!

«Unreasonable Silence»

CDr 𐤟 31′′55′ 𐤟 limited to 25 pcs 𐤟 €10

Listening to “Unreasonable Silence” draws you into an endless dark space. While listening deeply, the temperature of your body drops. You are waiting for something. Instead, you find yourself floating like a spaceship in sound streams through the gates of dreaming, or is it awakening? The spaceship is moving through darkness, cutting through air, rubbing against the iron gates making them sing high notes by scratching. “Unreasonable Silence” creates a powerful presence with its minimal composition.

A single track, a field recording. A silence. Quiet? It all depends on how you record it… Listen yourself! It’s limited to 25 pcs!